Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The wait is over!

After much begging and pleading from some family and friends, I finally agreed to share with the world my passion for being completely and utterly OCDelightful!  OCDelightful is an adjective describing any activity or state of high organization, and for as long as I can remember this is what my life and personality is all about.  I have always been particular about every aspect of my life from cooking, cleaning, organizing, menu planning, projects, etc.

My name is Christina and I am living an amazing life with my husband and two awesome kids.  With this blog I plan to share with you all that I do on a regular basis to help you find the OCDelightful within.

The blog will consist of my weekly menu and theme for dinners, cleaning schedule, organization ideas, and other random thoughts.  I hope that you follow me either out of pure interest or just curiosity and tell everyone you know to join us too! 


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