Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Checklist for Vacation!

Since Spring Break is only 30 days away (for some) I thought I would share with you a helpful checklist that I use for our vacations/trips.

My family takes a fair amount of weekend trips or vacations throughout the year.  I found that I was always writing a packing list to make sure we never forgot anything that we would need.  Then the hubby suggested that I make a spreadsheet and save it.  It was so obvious...I am a little embrassed that I did not think of it.  Alas, I made the spreadsheet and ever since then, the stress of packing and thinking of everything we need was greatly reduced.

My checklist covers everything you may need on an upcoming trip.  Whether we are traveling by car or plane, winter or summer, when I need my checklist I can just go to the computer and print it out.  If we travel in the summer by car I can cross off the items that pertain to traveling in the winter by plane and vice versa. 

The back side of the sheet is blank so I can add any other miscellaneous items that we may need.  For example, when we travel I also plan a grocery list and meals (i.e. pasta salads, sandwiches, and snacks) so we are not eating out every meal while we are away. 

I have found many templates online for packing lists, but I obviously favor mine.  Hopefully my list will either be exactly what you need or give you ideas of what you may need on your own personal vacation checklist.

Click here for OCDelightful Vacation Checklist

Safe Travels!!!

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