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Who's Ready to Spring Clean?!

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Oh the joy...time to Spring Clean!!!  I know this a daunting task for some but I am here to help.  Just remember to take one task and one room at a time and you will be done before you know it.


Spring does not "officially" start until March 20th, but that is right before the kids get out of school for spring break and we escape to warmer weather.  My plan is to have the Spring Cleaning List ready so when the kids return to school I can CLEAN!  Then, once the weather will cooperate and stay a consistent temperature I can recruit the hubby and we can Spring Clean the OUTSIDE

As some of you may have seen in my earlier months of blogging I posted my regular cleaning schedule.  It was extensive, and some of you reserve those things for Spring Cleaning time.  I will give you that link again so you may add the things you do not normally do to your Spring Cleaning Checklist.

These are broken down by Daily, Bi-Weekly, Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly, 3-6 Months (or Seasonally)  AND by RoomMy suggestion would be to go through the list and make note of what tasks you will need to do and comprise your list off of that, but do it by room or category to make it a smooth process.

Whether you choose to clean all in one day or spread it out across a week.  Here are some more tips to help make it easier. 
  1. Consider using your slow cooker and plan for some easy meals the day(s) you plan to clean.
  2. While cleaning, keep a list of any jobs you notice that need to be done around the house: little paint touch-ups or small repairs.  Do not get side tracked by these and save for another day. 
  3. Take an empty laundry basket or bin and pile in it anything you need your spouse or kids to sort through.
Below are the tasks that I will be tackling in addition to the regular schedule. 

Clean drains
Take a toothbrush and clean crevices of tub/shower
Remove exhaust fan covers and wash
Wipe and sanitize garbage cans

Reseal tubs and showers
Vacuum mattresses

Rotate or Flip Mattresses
Scrub stove grates
Wipe inside of ALL cabinets and drawers
Clean the top of kitchen cabinets and décor (if any)
Wipe inside of dishwasher
Move appliances and clean behind and under them
Laundry Room
Clean gaskets and soap dispensers of washing machine
Vacuum out the lint trap of dryer
Vacuum and clean behind the washer and dryer

Throughout The House

Wash the inside of all windows and window tracks
Vacuum inside sofa and chairs
Move furniture and vacuum underneath
Wipe down baseboards

Clean Light Fixture in Foyer
Clean and sanitize kitchen garbage cans
Self clean inside of oven

Launder Window Treatments
Shampoo ALL carpets (not just traffic pattern)

Touch up paint on wall and trim

Hopefully with my OCDelightful motivation I can help you get the tasks on your list checked off. This will also offer you a chance at a "clean slate" and once the chores are completed you can implement them into your regular cleaning routine.

*Helpful Hint: I schedule reminders on my calendar (with alerts) to remind me when a task needs to be done (there are also apps for that if you do not use a calendar). I find that it makes Spring Cleaning time go faster and helps me stay on top of all those things and not become overwhelmed by them.

Some examples are:
  • Schedule a reminder to change/check the air filter in the furnace monthly.
  • Schedule a reminder to change the filter in the air purifier every 6 months.
  • Schedule a reminder to flip the mattresses every 3 months and then another reminder to rotate the mattresses 3 months after that.
  • The possibilities are ENDLESS:)
Here are some other great lists that I have found on my never ending quest for cleanliness.

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