Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chore Charts That Work!

Although I love the sound of my voice, I was getting tried of repeating myself every morning to the kids. 
  • "Did you make your bed?" 
  • "Did you brush your teeth?"
  • "Don't forget to pack your lunch"
  • etc, etc, etc...
The kids have their "normal" chores they need to do everyday to get themselves ready for school.  However, since they are getting older they have been able to take on more tasks.  Instead of my constant reminding, I decided to make up some CUTE/COOL chore charts for them. 

So far they are a HIT  for various reasons...the kids feel more independent checking off their lists, I do not have to constantly remind them, and it makes chores "fun".  The additional bonus is that whichever child has the most checks on their chore chart by the end of the week will get a prize or special treat! 

There are MANY chore chart options out there, but for ours we needed...
  1. 8x10 frames from the dollar store
  2. Dry erase markers
  3. 3M Velcro hanging strips
I decided to use 3 frames with 3 separate charts.  I let the kids pick out the charts they wanted for their rooms, and I chose one for the downstairs. 
Chore Chart 1
This chart is attached to the wall in the kitchen with the 3M Velcro strips. 
The chores listed on this chart are rotating chores...
(help with dishes, take out garbage, get mail, set the table, & homework)
The green shaded areas are for days that these tasks do not need to be completed.
Chore Chart 2 & 3

These charts are located in their rooms and attached with 3M Velcro as well. 
The chores on these lists include daily hygiene and such tasks
(brush teeth, make bed, get dressed, put clothes in laundry, etc)
This was a really simple project with huge benefits!!! 
Share with me your chore inspirations at ocdelightful

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