Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tame Those Hair Accessories!

Hi!  It's COLD outside and for some reason I felt the need to organize something.  I guess organizing makes me feel all warm and fuzzy;) 

I have a few organization projects in the works, but I figured I would share with you a super quick, simple, and cheap organization project that I did awhile back. 


My daughter has tons of hair accessories and I was having a hard time looking at the drawer of clips, headbands, and hairbands all mixed together.  I had to find a solution. 

I searched for ideas and everything I found had the hair accessories on display.  I prefer them to be in a drawer, if possible.  So I decided to use office and kitchen organizers for my little project.

Here is what I came up with...

I took a metal mesh office organizer from Target (but you can get them anywhere that sells office supplies) and 3 magnetic metal spice tins from Meijer (again anywhere that sells kitchen gadgets) and sorted the accessories accordingly.

I labeled the tins small, medium, and large so it will be easier for my daughter to sort when we are doing her hair or putting them away. 

Another awesome thing...since the mesh organizer is metal and the spice tins are magnetic the tins can stick to the side of the tray and not slide around in the drawer.  Every band and clip has its happy home:)

All I had left was to wrangle those headbands.  These are on "display" on the bathroom counter, simply because this way makes the most sense for us.

This is just as easy.  All you need is an empty oatmeal container and scrapbook paper.  Wrap the scrapbook paper around the oatmeal container and attach with glue.  That's it!!!

I just LOVE what I came up with.  It works so well, and was cheap as well as easy! 

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