Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Apples Galore!

I have been extremely busy this past year, but I keep wanting to get back to writing these blog posts.  I cannot promise I will be consistent.  However, when I do post, imagine how exciting it will be for all of us:)  I have changed the way I write my menus and grocery lists.  I have some fabulous organizing ideas and, of course, lots of cleaning help.  So, lets see what happens...

Apple Picking and apples are synonymous with Fall.  Usually, my family and I go to an orchard and pick a peck or a bushel of honey crisp apples.  We end up eating them so quickly that we wished we would have picked more. 

This year we found out about Earth First Farms in Michigan.  They are an organic apple orchard and vegetable farm.  At Earth First Farms you have the option to Rent a Tree.  You pick your variety, pay online, and they take care of "your" tree all year long.  Once your apples are ready for harvest the orchard contacts you.  You can then plan a day to go and harvest your apples.  So we rented our Empire Apple tree and went to harvest our apples

We have a TON!  We split the apples with my sister and we still have a TON!  The obvious thing to do with all your apples is to cook and bake them.  Below you will find the apple recipes that I am made last week.  There are breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert. They were all delicious!!! 
*Click on the links and they will direct you to the recipes.

That was just last week and I still have about 20 pounds of apples.  The possibilities are endless:) 
*Stay tuned for the next post.  It will not be far behind.  I have a wonderful list of make ahead freezer meals that I had prepared when school started back up.  I have been dying to share them!

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