Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fan Fare!

I have had such an amazing amount of feedback from family, friends, and new found blog followers.  It is so exciting!  I enjoy blogging about all the OCDelightful things I do everyday.  I am happy to help some of you and entertain the others.  Either way you are talking about it, and that is the goal!

I thought it would be a fun way to thank you all by posting some of the feedback and pictures that I have been sent by you. 

Starting with the FOOD! 

I stated last week that my brother and sister-in-law put their own spin on the Panera Mac-n-Cheese (found in Week #1).  Here it is...they jazzed it up with bacon, Gouda, and hot sauce.  Sounds delicious!!! 

WHEN you try this version, use a little less flour than the recipe states.

My cousin from Oklahoma made for her family, The Grilled chicken & roasted asparagus penne pasta w/ butter & balsamic reduction and Parmesan cheese with a side of garlic bread (found in week #3). 

Her exact words were..."Thank you Mrs. Bumba, I turned your Tuscan Thursday into my Milan Monday?? Ha ha love you and my family thanks you! They LOVED IT"!!

*My mother-in-law has been great at giving feedback.  She has made a handful of the meals and gives some great ideas for add-ins or substitutions.  I do not have any pictures of her meals but here is what she said...

"I made Beef with Scallions, the Chicken Lime Cilantro Tacos, and the Italian Layer Bake this week (all found in week #4). All were a big hit.
I did add spinach, mushrooms and onions to the Italian layer bake to put in a little more nutrition. Plus, I used the garlic and butter crescents.
For the Beef and scallions you could use pineapple or apricot nectar in the marinade instead of hoison sauce at the end if most people do not keep Hoison sauce in the house. For the group I did add a little red pepper too since they like things spicier.
I liked the recipes either way".
*My aunt from Virginia emailed me and said..."I've got a slow cooker at home with some of your Chicken Tortilla Soup (from "more make ahead meals") cooking up.  Can't wait to go home and try it".  realmomkitchen
I could keep going but I will do just one more from the FOOD.  From week #4 I had a lot of you try the Southwestern Stuffed Peppers.  Everyone seemed to love them!   
*An awesome neighbor of mine said..."I think all the stuff on your blog is awesome. I love looking at your meal ideas. I made the Southwestern Stuffed Peppers tonight and they were a hit. We really liked them. Thanks for the ideas."
From my post about Rubbing Alcohol as a Degreaser, I found out...
1.  Grape juice stains come out with it. 
2.  Caulk on a pair of pants that were washed and dried was able to be removed with the rubbing alcohol. 


AND from my "Labor of Laundry" post, my girlfriend was able to track down one of the few remaining Antonius systems from Ikea and set up her own laundry sorting system. 
Thank you all for your wonderful feedback, support, and pictures.  Keep them coming...I love them!!!

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