Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kitchen Utensil and Gadget Organization

Since you have already seen my dirty laundry (sorting system) it seems only natural that you see the inside of my drawers...kitchen drawers, that is!!!

I was personally asked to write a post about organizing all those kitchen utensils and gadgets that we all have.  I was flattered and could not wait to write this post. 

All kitchens are not created equal.  My kitchen drawers are enormous (28 x 21 x 4) and make organizing all the utensils easy.  For others, it may take some creativity to get these things organized.  I have one drawer that fits all the utensils I have.  I purchased 4 RE (Room Essentials) drawer organizers from Target.  I would suggest purchasing all the same color so it looks "pretty" while being functional. 

***Before heading to the store, make sure to measure your drawer so you know how many of these organizers you can fit.

I separated the utensils by their function.   
Bin #1 is for miscellaneous such as: peeler, sifter, can opener, ice cream scoop, and BBQ brush
Bin #2 for soup ladles, plastic/wooden spoons, and slotted spoons
Bin #3 for tongs and plastic spatulas
Bin #4 for silicone/wooden spatulas and whisks

This drawer still has room so I push the bins back and I have the perfect amount of space for the measuring cups and measuring spoons. 

I have also been able to do this with the silverware drawer, because it is just as big as the utensil drawer.  I did this at a later date and the bins are black instead of white.  I figured I could live with that since they are separate drawers.

While I was on Pinterest "researching" for this wonderful blog, I did come across some other fabulous drawer organizing ideas.  Some of these you may prefer or they may even fit your drawers better than the organizers I use.  

One really cool option is to store things diagonally.  Again, I saw this on Pinterest via thekitchn.com. 
This idea was originally seen on This Old House, but you can purchase these inserts from diamondcabinets.com starting at $75.  That seems pricey for inserts so you can easily make your own.  Go to a hardware store and purchase balsa wood and cut it them to the size that you need for your drawers.  Then adhere them with wood glue.

If your drawer is not big enough for the RE bins or to place utensils diagonally, you could also use the balsa wood and cut them to size for vertical placement.  However, if you are short on time to complete this project you could also purchase these expandable wood kitchen drawer dividers from organizeit.com, or Amazon.  They are around $21 for a set of 2.

Another great option to put utensils in their place, and keep them there, is by purchasing the DrawerDecor.  I have seen these on Amazon for around $25.  They come in a variety of fun colors and sizes for a perfect fit.  They stick to the bottom of the drawer and the utensils stay where you put them. 
I saw this awesome idea for utensil and silverware storage.  It is custom ordered but such a great way to double your storage space.  It is a Two-Tier Wood Cutlery Tray to organize silverware and utensils on two levels within the drawer.  It is from Dura Supreme Custom Cabinetry.  I am sure you can find other companies and options with the two-tiered system.
If all else fails and you are out of drawer storage but have ample counter space you could always put your utensils on "display". 
This are so many options to organize your kitchen utensils and gadgets.  It may be a simple solution or take a little bit of imagination, but I am giddy thinking about all the ways it can be done.