Friday, May 3, 2013

Seasonal Clothing Storage Organization...AND a First Guest Post!

Hello!!!  Are all you followers still out there???  I have taken yet another hiatus from the blog:/  The same tale as it always is, we have been so busy that I do not have a moment for myself let alone enough time to compose a post.  The lack of time has left me uninspired, but the list of cleaning, cooking, and organizational posts I have for you keeps getting longer.  We will get to them...I promise. 

BUT Now to the Guest Post
Seasonal Storage/ Same-Sex Sibling Storage

Jessica is one of my most fabulous  friends who encourages my OCDelightful behavior. Yesterday she sent me a picture of her current organizational project.  I have to tell you it gave me GOOSEBUMPS!!! 

She agreed to write up a "post" for the blog so I could share it with you all.  This project is for her children's clothes but this idea could most certainly be used for anyone. 

I am so excited....Here is Jessica's debut post!!!

"Being friends with OCDelightful is both intimidating and inspiring."
Sterilite 3-drawer storage cart containers were the answer when I needed to store change of season clothes for my daughter, but they also worked great for storing and saving clothes from when my middle son outgrew things in order to pass on to my youngest son. While the system works now for small infant/toddler/kid sizes, I know in time I will have to use my same system with larger bins (Sterilite does sell the 3-drawer in a wide option).  These containers are great because if you don't have the floor space in a closet, they can stack on a closet shelf as needed!

After change of season or outgrowing clothes, I either toss, donate, or save clothing.  When saving things I've found that separating clothes into sizes and then by garment into drawers work best. Taking it a step further, the 3-drawer is also organized from top down in size order; for example,
2T Pants
3T Pants
4T Pants


2T Short Sleeved (SS) Shirts
3T SS Shirts
4T SS Shirts

Depending on inventory, your system and organization may differ.

A quick print out on the label maker and finding an item for a cool summer night or storing another size is easy to do! And the labels can be easily removed and replaced as inventory changes.

By having everything organized and labeled I'm also ready when my youngest grows into a new size and I'm not buying things I already have on hand.  I'm actually proud of an empty drawer these days because I'm not just hanging on to things because I have a place to stuff it.

Thank you Jessica!!! I love it so much I want to change the way I rotate seasonal clothing and do this.

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