Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor of Laundry.

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Happy Labor Day Everyone!  While we celebrate this holiday I thought, what would be better than sending out a post about the "labor" of doing laundry. 

We know how time consuming and boring it is to sit in the laundry room on "laundry day" sorting out clothes by color and type.  Previously, in our house we did not really have a "system" for laundry.  The kids and hubby would throw their laundry in the baskets that were in their rooms and "magically" the clothes would all reappear clean, folded, and in their drawers. 
 my laundry room

I found an easier way to get the laundry sorted and for the family to participate.  With the help of Ikea I found the "Antonius Collection" with plastic baskets and metal frame.  The arrangement I purchased for ONLY $87, has since been discontinued but I have seen many other basket systems that would create the same solution.   I also found the laundry labels at  I printed them out and then purchased individual laminating sheets from Target to cover the labels.  I attached the labels to the bins using 3M double sided tape.  The labels are still holding great. 

"Laundry Day" is a breeze now.  Everyone puts their laundry in the correct bin and when I go to wash a load it is already sorted.  That is "magic" to me!!!

You do not necessarily need to buy new baskets.  Below is a picture from using already owned baskets and the same labels I use.

I am also attaching the new "Algot" system from Ikea that performs the same function as the "Antonius" that I have.  Other laundry sorting solutions that I have come across are on Pinterest and at The Container Store.  After planning where this would function best in your home it is a very easy project to execute and easy to maintain.

Algot System

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