Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Ultimate Cleaning Schedule

To say it bluntly, I am a clean freak! I am truly passionate about cleaning and organizing, and I am good at it. While going to college I started up a small cleaning business that expanded quickly. I have a system and cleaning schedule that has worked for me for many years.

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I have never written down my cleaning schedule until I started this blog and was asked by many for the schedule I keep.  When I finished the list and read through it I realized that it is INTENSE.  I am blessed to be able to work part time, be home with my children, and maintain the household.  With that being said, I know that this schedule will not work for everyone, but it most certainly can serve as a "guide" or "starting point" to help get your home the way you would like it. 

The Cleaning Schedule is separated into 2 sheets.  It is less overwhelming this way and helps to just work on the task at hand.  The rest serves as "reminders" so you can work a little bit each week or month into your current schedule.   

I have broken the schedule into catergories such as:

3-6 Months (or Seasonally)

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The weekly cleaning day in my house is on Tuesdays. It takes me around 3 hours to complete with no extra tasks. My Bi-Weekly "wipe down" day is on Friday or Saturday mornings. This takes me no longer than 30 minutes. I add 1-2 items from the Bi-Monthly or Monthly list to my weekly schedule so then I am not taking time out of my other days to clean.

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Keep in mind this schedule is made for my home.  Take the schedules and adjust them accordingly and get the kids involved.  It makes the cleaning go so much faster and it gives the kids responibility.  Luckily, my son and daughter still think it is "fun" to take out gargbage and put dishes away so I am using it to my advantage.

***I am always adding to my schedule so if you have a task that I do not have on my list please SHARE it with me!!!

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